Cornerstone Basics

Cornerstone Basics is a class designed for you to learn more about the basics of the Christian faith. Cornerstone Elder, Deb Swirczynski, will lead the class through Faith Foundations by David Platt. Details and registration below!

Date: Sundays starting May 19th
Time: 10:10-10:50AM
Length: 10 sessions
Where: Cornerstone Library
Description: Whether we’ve been Christians for years, discovered faith in Jesus recently, or are still wondering what it’s all about, we share similar questions about why and how to live out our faith. We wonder: What are we made for? What does it look like to know God deeply? Why are we called to reflect his light to those around us—and how do we do that? Join author and pastor David Platt in his ten-session series as he examines foundational truths for becoming mature disciples of Christ.
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