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Weekly Update: June 24

Further details about reopening, resources, and weekend worship.

Update from Pastor Sheldon MacGillivray

Dear Cornerstone Family,

We as the leadership have heard from many of you in recent weeks. We know that some of you are weary of social distancing and are ready to resume normality and open services, while others are hesitant to return to normal life due to health concerns for yourselves and extended family. I want you to know we are listening to you and want to hear from you, wherever you are in this journey. 

While as individuals we are in different stages of readiness to move on, we must make decisions for the congregation collectively. Churches across the country are trying to keep their flocks united and offer hope, and I have been praying for you toward that end. I hope this experience has caused you to cherish God and His church more than ever. We have no reason to be alarmed because God is on our side and He has shown us once again that He will provide. 

Financial & Staff Update

Our financial position at Cornerstone remains strong. Our income has not wavered, thanks to your generosity during this time. We are at 97% of budgeted income through May. God deserves all our praise! 

Our staff quickly adjusted to the new environment, enabling us from week one to provide online services to encourage and equip you with God’s Word. They have dedicated themselves to keeping things moving in the right direction and to prepare our Sunday morning broadcasts. We have been blessed with a great staff!

We are encouraged by the many new viewers who are tuning into our broadcasts. We are reaching well beyond what we expected and see this as another way that the Lord is at work through Cornerstone. The Lord has called on us to have great faith. The love of God toward us, revealed in Jesus, is calling us to continue to rely upon Him. We have so much to be thankful for. 

Summer Day Camp Update

We have made the hard decision to postpone Eagle Lake Day Camp until 2021. This was a disappointing decision to have to make, but we felt that all our efforts needed to focus on reopening. Camp would have started at the same time we were planning our reopening. At the time of our decision, close to 15 families had begun removing their children from camp, and we expected more cancellations as we got closer to the date. 

Yesterday we were notified that the Eagle Lake Overnight Camp in Colorado had an outbreak of COVID. Four members of their team are infected and 150 trainees are now being tested. They have had to close their overnight camps for the rest of the summer and their traveling camps may now be in jeopardy. I am asking you to pray for Eagle Lake and the college students who now have the virus. 

Further Details on Reopening

As we move toward our target reopening date of July 19, we know that each person or family will be deciding when it is best to return to worship. We are not prohibiting anyone from attending, no matter their age or condition. We presented the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines (60+ or at-risk) to help you determine when you should join our on-site worship services. 

Many of you have told us that you will not be attending for a while, even when we reopen, so we will continue to provide online services indefinitely. Also, we will begin a new schedule for our online devotionals, posting them once a week on Wednesdays on our YouTube channel starting July 1.  

Regarding masks, I hope the following will help you understand the reasoning behind our decision. The difficulty with this virus is the fact that we do not know if we have it. We can spread the disease before we show any symptoms. We do not know if the people around us are caring for at-risk people in their household, such as elderly parents or a family member battling cancer. We made the decision to care for our community and our neighbor. We want businesses to stay open and we want employees to stay healthy. We do not want doctors, nurses, and care providers to be overwhelmed with new cases. We want our community to thrive. We believe the best way to help is to wear a mask. 

Timely Resources

On another subject, I am sure that the issue of racism has been on your mind as you watch the daily news. Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, said, “Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.” 

The racial divisions that are found throughout the world are a constant reminder of our need for the gospel. The gospel is our only hope for restoring society’s brokenness. It may seem daunting to determine how you should respond, but our friends at RightNow Media have provided some thought-provoking and timely materials to help you begin to understand our current climate. I hope you will take the time to explore some of these studies as we seek to understand our times. 

If you don’t have an account for RightNow Media, please email Jordan Buscher and she will help you get set up. For those of you who already have access, type "racism" in the search bar and it will lead you to several series that are worthy of your time and study. The first thing we can do is to strive to be a part of the solution. 

Weekend Worship

On Sunday, we began our new series on Who Is Jesus? by examining Jesus' statement: "I am the bread of life" (John 6:35). This week we will look at another bold statement of Christ: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life" (John 8:12). In these declarations, Jesus presents himself as the Son of God. He was not just a carpenter; He is the Lord of heaven and earth who came to rescue us from our sin. We want you to know him and make him known. Join us each Sunday morning as we gather as God’s church, wherever we are. 

For His Kingdom,

Sheldon MacGillivray

Lead Pastor, Cornerstone