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Trusting God With Our Heart Wounds

Why do we suffer? How can we forgive others? Explore these questions in this upcoming workshop

Trusting God With Our Heart Wounds

Life is fraught with difficulties, hurts, and disappointments. Heart wounds and trauma from the past can have devastating effects long after they have occurred. They make us feel hopeless and helpless and we often want to turn or run away from the pain. But Jesus never took that path, and neither can His followers. Wounds that are not healed remain to fester often leaving us in a crisis of faith or experiencing a barrier to trust in God's goodness.

Trusting God with Our Heart Wounds will explore wounds of trauma and loss bringing them to Christ for healing. Using curriculum from American Bible Society's Trauma Healing Institute Ministry, we will learn biblical principles and mental health best practices related to trauma care and healing.

Topics we will address include:

  • If God loves us, why do we suffer?
  • How to support others who are suffering trauma, grief, or loss.
  • What is a heart wound and its effects.
  • What happens when someone is grieving?
  • How can we forgive others?